Support for businesses and non-profits undertaking a new project with an aim to make things better.
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My name is Adam Milgrom. It’s nice to meet you.

I have worked on a lot of projects in my career - commercial property management and development, animated video and web production, coworking space founder, and mostly recently co-founder at a startup making software for caretakers of children with special needs.
No matter the size of the project, no matter the industry, whether I was low guy on the totem pole or making the decisions at the top, one thing always irked me - we were always so busy working through the multitude of basic steps needed to move things forward that we could never focus on the things that would really make a difference.
Often teams are so busy that they don't even notice these opportunities. But even when they can and you can get everyone to acknowledge them, you have to battle to devote the attention required to see it through. That is no way to work, and certainly no way to encourage these opportunities for creating something special.

When it came time for me to decide what I wanted to work on next, I decided I would help make space for these things - to create a vehicle for helping people free up space to focus on the things that insight their passion, helping to spur more improvement, satisfaction, and success.

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